Optimal Celebrates Earth Day

Date: April 22, 2016
Location: College Park, MD

Earth Day began as a way to raise awareness for environmental issues such as pollution and deforestation, but now Earth Day is an annual event that celebrates and demonstrates support for environmental protection. 

Optimal continues to demonstrate its support for environmental protection through projects like the Power Africa initiative and Europe and Eurasia (E&E) Regional Energy Sector Evaluation. The Power Africa initiative is a 5-year U.S. government presidential initiative that is being implemented by several U.S. agencies. Led by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Initiative seeks to increase access to reliable, affordable and sustainable electric power availability by promoting private investment in power generation across East and West Africa. 

Optimal also conducted a performance evaluation of the USAID E&E Regional Energy Sector. The purpose of these interventions was to improve the efficiency and growth of the energy sector in the selected Balkan and Eastern European countries, establish an electricity market, and increase energy security, which lead to economic growth and social stability within the E&E region. As part of the performance evaluation, Optimal completed an extensive document review before collecting data through individual interviews with a variety of key stakeholders in five different countries in the region. 

Through projects like these, Optimal actively works to evaluate energy and environmental programs. Furthermore, Optimal is located in the M-Square Research Park, which is a LEED certified building. Optimal staffers also recently participated in a WalkFit Challenge in an effort to raise funds to donate water filters to those suffering from the Flint Water Crisis and have also participated in Anacostia River clean ups.