SBA Program Evaluation Services to Support Performance Management BPA

SBA BPA Description from PWS

Period of Performance: August 13, 2018 thru August 12, 2023

This Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) provides support to the Agency in the implementation of GPRAMA. Furthermore, the evaluation of programs and their results requires the ability to design and perform evaluations that measure process, design, outcome, and impact. The vendor shall provide support and technical expertise in all types of formative, summative, and impact evaluations. Of particular importance is expertise with survey design, the information collection request (ICR) submission and approval process, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, performance measurement development, validation of data quality, development of reports and communication outreach materials, logic model development, evaluation synthesis for best practices, development of electronic data management systems and platforms, and the creation of documents, guidance, and training materials that can build agency capacity for program evaluation.

The work performed under this BPA will result in the development and dissemination of analyses, tools, training materials and guidance in the listed work areas. Work to be performed may also include site visits to SBA offices, development of outreach, training, and communication materials for different audiences though a variety of publications, workshops, and conferences. Each of the major areas that support program evaluation are further describe below. The vendor may be required to prepare and/or deliver presentations to SBA officials on the results, conclusions, or recommendations resulting from its work under this BPA.