Optimal Obtains Apple Developer License

Date: March 15, 2011
Location: College Park, MD

Apple Inc. (Apple) recently approved an application for a developer license to Optimal Solutions Group, LLC, (Optimal) to develop smart phone applications to use in accordance with its real-time projects. The license provides access to the Apple Safari Developer Program, the iOS Developer Program, and the Mac Developer Program. Optimal plans to use the license for immediate development of applications for its multimodal support system project, which assists children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The applications will be used to create a system to remind children about their homework, upcoming exams, and books they need to bring home. Parents will be able to utilize the applications to check their children’s academic progress in real time, track their children to see whether or not they are present at school, carry on conversation with teachers about their children, and monitor their homework or exam dates.

The license will also be extended to include an application development in other aspects of Optimal’s real-time projects and overall framework. Future application development features will include real-time data collection, analysis, reporting, project assessment, and research design.