USAID Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Project work in 22 countries

Date: October 6, 2014

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) started the Learning, Evaluation, and Analysis Project (LEAP) in 2011 with the goal of providing assistance to developing countries. Via LEAP, USAID has done work in 22 countries, including Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, El Salvador, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, among others. LEAP was a contractual mechanism for USAID’s Economic Growth, Education, and the Environment Bureau to increase access to rigorous, independent technical evaluation and analyses.

Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (Optimal) was the LEAP contractor, while Cambridge Research International was the subcontractor. Optimal conducted a variety of work for the project, including performance evaluation, analytical studies, and cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses.

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