Dr. David Engel Presents a Writing Seminar as Part of Optimal’s Brown Bag Series

Date: July 22, 2010
Location: College Park, MD

On July 21, 2010, Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (Optimal) welcomed Dr. David Engel to participate in its Brown Bag Series. Dr. Engel, conducting his third such event with Optimal, discussed the writing and preparation elements necessary to create thorough and well-written expository documents. Dr. Engel stressed writing required a clear, unambiguous, efficient transfer of meaning, while emphasizing the paragraph as the thought unit requiring particular attention. Dr. Engel also encouraged:

  • Using an outline to order one’s thoughts (using the “rule of 3’s”);
  • Careful preparation and attention to a paragraph’s topic sentence;
  • Staying on topic within a paragraph;
  • Grouping ideas;
  • Placing topics in a logical order;
  • Checking to make sure that material adheres to the outline; and
  • Revising the outline as the writing progresses.

Currently, Dr. Engel serves as a Senior Editor for Optimal. He received his Ph.D. in Communication from Cornell University in 2003 and has worked with Optimal since 2007.