Optimal Launches New Website

Date: September 27, 2010
Location: College Park, MD

Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (Optimal) launched a new interactive corporate website on September 24 that features Web 2.0  components such as Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Feeds. During the second phase of the launch, users will be introduced to virtual conferencing and live-streaming of Optimal presentations.

Currently, Optimal is using social media tools like Facebook to assist with the dissemination of the outcomes, policies, and initiatives of its research projects.  For example, Optimal recently held a workforce development roundtable with prominent local government, educational, and business leaders.  Optimal and the roundtable participants are committed to removing barriers and approaching low-skill worker training and employment in a more holistic way.  After the discussion, all participants were able to engage in real-time discussions and receive updates on the progress of the roundtable initiative on the Optimal Facebook community.

Optimal aims to provide a richer user experience, dynamic, and interactive environment where its clients and constituents remain in touch with innovative research, methodologies, and policies.