Reaching out into the Social Media Landscape

Date: June 30, 2010
Location: College Park, MD

Current trends show an increasing importance and need for comprehensive social media research. According to the World Bank, 75% of Americans are currently using the Internet.  When combined with the 64% of Americans, identified by Harris Interactive as using social media, the importance of using conducting social media research and environmental scanning is apparent.

Leveraging its relationship with the University of Maryland and its in-house experts in social media and language detection, Optimal Solutions Group is on the cutting edge of data mining and collection.  Using environmental scanning techniques with government agencies, Optimal’s aim is to detect cost-saving information through the sentiment analysis of social media to complement traditional media, help desks, call centers, and other data-collection methods.  Optimal is drawing on the wisdom of the crowds, or “crowdsourcing”, via tested tools, methods, and best practices.