Optimal Solutions Group Supports SBA’s Office of Performance Management and Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) in Program Evaluation Efforts

Date: September 27, 2017

Optimal is pleased to announce that it has received a contract from the Small Business Administration’s Office of Performance Management and Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) to support their program evaluation efforts.

Optimal will help build the foundation of developing and monitoring the performance of the 7(a) Business Loan and 8(a) Business Development programs by constructing logic models, which will assist the OCFO in meeting the goals of the SBA (job growth, business growth, etc.). This will be accomplished by understanding a theory of change specific to each individual program, and potentially altering implementation to better reflect the model of change. Based on SBA’s previous efforts to use federal administrative data for evidence-based decision making, Optimal will also provide SBA with technical specifications for using Census data to measure the impact of the 7(a) program on its participants.

For more information about the OCFO, visit the website.