Track Record of Technological Innovation in the Public Sector

Date: June 16, 2019
Location: College Park, MD

Optimal Analytics, a division of Optimal, has been at the forefront of automation and machine learning in the public sector since 2009. 

Located within the University of Maryland’s Discovery District, Optimal has partnered with leading scientists at the university’s Human-Centered Interaction Lab around systems design and thinking, neural networks, and other cutting-edge technologies and applying them to research & evaluation and program design & improvement. 

For example, starting in 2011, Optimal began automating the data curation, analysis, and reporting for USAID education strategy efforts across 50 countries. On an U.S. Department of Health and Human Services contract, Optimal automated clinical and operational assessments of Medicare Advantage Organizations’ quality improvement initiatives.  In 2012, Optimal received a grant from the State of Maryland to embed machine learning in this clinical and operational assessment platform to improve the reliability, increase the pace of assessments, while reducing costs. 

Flashing forward to now, Optimal has experience, a Real-Time Framework and proven abilities to implement Federal initiatives in open data, machine learning, the Evidence-based Policy Making Act, e-Government, the Federal Data Strategy and artificial intelligence. In addition to working with major COTS tools, Optimal brings Federally-compliant products such as our data science platform Revelo, Real-Time Surveyor software, Template Tracker, iAccessible and e-commerce spinoffs.