USAID Education Open Data Automation

Optimal collected activity level data of reading interventions participating in the 2011-15 USAID Education Strategy and profiles them by reviewing and processing its data and meta-data to create standardized public use data that it publishes on the USAID Education Portal. Optimal uses ReveloTM to collect, review, normalize, standardize and ingest the data in accordance with the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act).

With USAID’s new Digital Data Libary (DDL), it remains important to document, validate and ingest data at the most granular levels possible in order to perform analysis and ensure data integrity.

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Goal 1 Direct Beneficiary Trends for Selected Activities

This dashboard explores the relationship intervention and evaluation design with number of direct beneficiaries of Goal 1 of the USAID Education Strategy for a few selected activities.

NOTE: This dashboard is currently in beta testing and may have errors associated with its data usability.
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