Subcontracting Plan Monitoring, Reporting, and Just-in-Time Training

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Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (Optimal) is an
innovative and rigorous small public policy research
and software development firm with data
management, advanced analytics, and systems
development experience. Optimal has developed an
AI-powered tool, AcquisitionAI, to streamline the market
research efforts and improve the acquisition lifecycle

THINK Acquisition is an independent consulting,
training and development firm focused on increasing
the effectiveness of federal government teams and
individuals in the areas of acquisition, contracting,
leadership, administrative and program management.
THINK Acquisition delivers value through experiential
learning and demonstrated expertise.

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In partnership with Think Acquisition, Optimal Solutions Group offers a comprehensive solution for subcontracting plan monitoring, reporting, and just-in-time training. Our approach combines the expertise of Think Acquisition in developing training curricula for acquisition officials and the advanced capabilities of Optimal’s AcquisitionAI platform.

Our solution aims to:

  1. Deliver trainings via the AcquisitionAI Learning Management System (LMS) and provide on-demand reports on subcontracting plan goals and performance at the agency through contract levels.
  2. Develop and deliver just-in-time training on small business subcontracting plan monitoring, reviews, and good faith assessments to federal government acquisition officials.
  3. Conduct post-training assessments and monitor training effectiveness.

Core Competencies

  • Subcontracting Plan Monitoring: We offer comprehensive monitoring services to ensure subcontracting plans are
    executed effectively and in compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Reporting: Our team provides detailed, accurate, and timely reports to keep all stakeholders informed about the progress and performance of subcontracting plans.
  • Just-In-Time Training: Our team provides monitoring, reviews, and good faith assessment training modules for
    small business subcontracting plans.

Key Performance Indicators

Our solution tracks and reports on the following performance indicators:

  • Contract Identification: Identify contracts that are required to have a subcontracting plan.
  • Subcontracting Plan Verification: Verify if the contract has a subcontracting plan.
  • Subcontractor Usage: Check if the prime contractor used a subcontractor.
  • Plan Compliance: Assess if the prime contractor is on pace to meet the subcontracting plan requirements.
  • Plan Fulfillment: Determine if the prime contractor met the subcontracting plan requirements.
  • Subcontracting Requirements Validation: Validate the subcontracting requirements.
  • Agency Goal Achievement: Check if the agency met its subcontracting goal.
  • Performance Visualization: Visualize performance indicators by organizational hierarchy, socioeconomic status, time period, etc

Training Effectiveness Indicators

Our tool also measures the effectiveness of our training through the following indicators:

  • Training Completion Rate
  • Time-to-Competency
  • Performance Improvement
  • Knowledge Retention
  • User Satisfaction