International Education Progress Reporting Website Launched

Date: March 9, 2017

Optimal is pleased to announce the launch of the public version of USAID 2011-2015 Education Strategy Progress Report website.

The website serves as a public access point for data and documentation used by the USAID Office of Education to measure progress towards the targets of the 2011-2015 USAID Education Strategy. The public version of the website details results and accomplishments under the
2011-2015 USAID Education Strategy, including the following statistics.

  • All Children Reading (ACR): Improved reading skills for 100 million children in primary grades.
  • Education in Crisis and Conflict (EiCC): Increased equitable access to education in crisis and conflict environments for 15 million learners.

Data resources available for ACR activities include:

  • Roster of ACR activities directly reaching student beneficiaries
  • Aggregate beneficiary reports
  • Reading assessment data sets and documentation (as they become available)
  • Original Reports and Documentation
  • Oral Reading Fluency Briefs (as they become available)

Data resources available for EiCC activities include:

  • Roster of EiCC activities directly reaching student beneficiaries
  • Aggregate beneficiary reports

This site also serves as a vehicle for USAID Missions and implementing partners to submit reading assessment data and documentation.

The site is Section 508 compliant and follows USAID’s guidelines on Open Data reporting.

The cloud-based FedRAMP website is powered by Optimal’s flexible and modular software, ReveloTM, which is an advanced, dynamic web- based platform. For the purpose of the website, ReveloTM has been configured to collect and harmonize programmatic and contextual information and data across the 50+ countries with USAID Education Strategy activities, subject them to extensive data validation protocols, and to generate customized reporting to stakeholders.